HI Cotton Greenhouses is fully operational and everyone is feeling well. We are very thankful for that. If you are able to continue working safely, we are here for you if you need plants. Our drivers are taking extra precautions to wipe down steering wheels, gear shifts, and clipboards/pens. We believe we are doing everything possible to keep them safe as well as our customers.

At the greenhouses, we have staggered clock in/out times, breaks and lunch for our employees. We are wiping down all break room surfaces touched by anyone. Door handles, light switches, refrigerator handles, microwaves, bathroom surfaces etc. after every change out of employees. It may be over done, but we believe it is well worth the effort. We are also doing these same tasks in our office several times a day. Out in the greenhouses, we are practicing social distancing to the extent of our ability. We are working in very small groups but with plenty of distance between employees. Yes, this is a challenge, but it is our goal to provide the absolute safest environment to work in for our employees. These practices will continue until it is safe not to do so.

We are not allowing customers who are picking up orders into our greenhouses at this time. We will gladly pull your order for you, have it on carts outside, and one of us will help you load your material into your trailer or truck. Our office staff will assist you in payment so you will not have to come into the office. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

We are continuing to plant, spray and water on schedule in hopes that we can get back to normal in some weeks.

Now the good stuff!! We have nice looking material available for you to use. We greatly appreciate those of you that are continuing to buy plants for us. We strongly believe that what we are all doing is a benefit to people by giving them a healthy hobby to enjoy while being home for an extended period of time. It also may spread some joy and happiness to see our plants growing and blooming in their personal spaces as well as when they go out.